Beautiful Colorado

These are some of out favorite locations to do photoshoots!


Chautauqua Trail/Park 

Chautauqua is located in Boulder Colorado, it has an amazing view of the iconic flatirons which makes a great location for photography. There is also a park at the trailhead which is full of many trees and scenic views.

Lost Gulch Overlook 

This beautiful mountain overlook is located in Boulder, Colorado. It is a very busy area, but it is absolutely gorgeous during sunset or sunrise. Makes for very romantic and fun outdoor portraits. The best part is that there is no need to hike in order to get the beautiful mountain top views.



River North Art District (RiNO)

If you are looking for a fun urban look, RiNO will provide just that. Located in Denver Colorado, this area has a variety of colors, backgrounds and fun/cute buildings to pose and walk in front of. No photoshoot is ever the same because depending were we walk through we may find a fun new mural that was just painted. 

Evergreen Lake House


Pines Park Evergreen

If you are looking for beautiful Colorado pines, many of the trails and parks in Evergreen are full of them. 


Golden Gate Canyon state Park is the prettiest in the the fall due to the many aspen sin the area, so it is our favorite location to shoot at when the leaves are turning yellow/orange.

Red Rocks

Located in Morrison Colorado Red Rocks is a beautiful location.

Paint Mines

If our want to go for an adventure, let us show you one of Colorado’s hidden gems! Located just outside of Colorado Springs there is a canyon that is pink, purple, orange and white AKA the paint mines. This location is a very interesting location filled with tunnels and fun rock formations that are super colorful!